The name “Spiti” means “the middle land”, i.e. the land between Tibet and India. But Spiti is more than just what meets the name. One of the most unexplored destinations in Himachal Pradesh, Spiti is located at a very high altitude and is also considered as a  desert mountain valley. The ice-topped mountains, the river that follows you like a shadow throughout the valley, the waterfalls and the Grey-blue skies, you can go on and on about the place but you still won’t do justice.
Spiti attracts a vast number of adventurers every year. Streams of riders, Trekkers, peace seekers swarm into its laps on and off season to open the cap of their bottled adrenaline.

This is the itinerary for Spiti. You can keep this in mind and go on your own.

Bus timings:

From Delhi to Shimla. Volvo
630 am, 925 am, 2100 pm 2030 pm

You can get ordinary buses as well.
(Timings can vary. You can book it from red bus or straight go to ISBT Kashmir gate from where your bus will depart)

From Shimla to Reckong Peo
There are many governments as well as private buses running between Shimla and Reckong Peo at nearly every hour from 5 am till 8 pm from new bus stand.

From Reckong Peo to Kaza
Only one bus going further leaving at 630 in the morning.

From Kaza to Manali
One bus from Kaza bus stand at 5 am.

From Manali to Delhi.
There are many Volvo running between Manali to Delhi. You can book it from Maal road new Manali.

15th night: Reckong peo/Sangla/Kalpa/Chitkul*
16th: Tabo at Monastery guest house
17th: Mudh at Tara guest house
18th: Key monetary
19th: Key monastery
20th: Losar at nomad cottages 
21st: Chandertal ( you can skip a stay in Chandertal if you get a lift to Manali from there)
22nd: Manali
23rd: Delhi

(*from Reckong Peo you can go to Kalpa Sangla and Chitkul if you want to)

( you can stay one more night in Mudh or you can go to Sangla or Kalpa because you have one night extra)

( if you go to Sangla stay at Kinner camp, in Kalpa stay at Shangrila camps)

Places to see:


  1. Ki
  2. Tabo
  3. Lalung
  4. Dhankar(dhankar lake)*
  5. Komic
  6. Kangri


  1. Komic
  2. Hikkim
  3. Langza
  4. Kee
  5. Tashigang
  6. Get
  7. Kibbar
  8. Chichim

(*for Dhankar lake you need to trek for 1 hour from Dhankar Monastery)

You will arrive in Delhi on 14th. I would suggest taking a Volvo at night to Shimla so that u don’t have to stay in Shimla. You will reach Shimla in the morning and can take a bus to Reckong Peo directly without stopping. This will save your one day. The bus will stop for breakfast and lunch. After reaching Reckong Peo you have to decide whether you want to go to Kalpa/Sangla/Chitkul or want to go to Spiti straight. One night at Reckong Peo. There are cheap homestays near to bus stop. Next day Bus will leave at 7 sharp in the morning for Kaza. Take a ticket to Tabo village and Stay there for one night. There will be lots of travellers and bikers staying in Tabo, try to get a lift to Dhankar monastery otherwise at 8:30 in the morning bus will depart to Kaza from Tabo. If you get a lift to Dhankar then probably they will be going to Mudh then try to stick with them. you will probably go to Mudh. Stay one night in Mudh, it is a beautiful village.From Mudh you will get a bus to Kaza at 630 in the morning. If you don’t get a lift then take a bus to Kaza and then go yo keyMonasteryy. You can take a bus to Mudh Drom Kaza which departs at 415 pm every day. After reaching Kaza I would suggest not to stay in Kaza instead go to the key monastery by hitchhiking. Stay there for 2 days. You can trek to Kibbar from key monastery if lucky you can hitchhike to all the places in Spiti. If you want to stay in Kaza then you can on your second day. From Kaza, you will get a bus to Manali that will drop you at Losar. Next day you have to take that bus to reach Batal to reach Chandertal. From Batal you need to hop hike to Chandertal or trek. You will get a bus from Batal only to reach Manali so again you have to trek or hitchhike to Batal. One night in Manali then next day take a Volvo to Delhi which will depart at 4.30 or 6.

( carry hard cash. There are only two ATMs in Spiti. One in Tabo and other is in Kaza. Most of the time they don’t work because of network issues or no electricity)

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