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“Staying at the Neemrana Fort Palace is like living in an Indian Fairy Tale World, where peacocks dance and the landscape tells tales of a grand heritage that makes you feel inexplicably proud.”


Nestled peacefully amidst the rare green that surrounds the Delhi – Jaipur Highway, surrounded with jaw-dropping views and jeweled with the grandeur or history in every stone, the Neemrana Fort Palace is without a doubt one of the best and most unique weekend getaway property near Delhi.


A few days back, I had the chance to visit the fort yet again to make a small escape from the monotony of the daily routine. and enjoy the luxury it carefully holds in its grasp.


neemrana hotel - insane traveller

neemrana hotel - insane travellerNeemrana Fort Palace, Neemrana, Rajasthan


With its historic setting and the vintage old charm, the palatial architecture and the entire fort, basking in the bright sunlight, who wouldn’t fall in love? Rebuilt from its ruins like a phoenix from its ashes, this 15th-century fort was restored in 1986 and opened its gates for tourists in 1991.  The red heritage building bursting with beautiful days from yesteryear and dripping with grandeur attracted thousands of tourists within no time.


It is true that a lot of hotels and resorts in and around Delhi and Rajasthan boast of scenic beauty and treasures of history but this place is way more than that, it is an experience altogether. This time around, I booked the Parvat Mehal and as usual, the property never disappoints.  The rooms are set in a traditional Rajasthani backdrop with jells perfectly with the historic frame and the aura.


Apart from the richness that surrounds this land, the resort has much more to offer than hand-picked authentic interior decor and the rugged feel that makes you feel like true royalty.


You can spend your time visiting the ages-old step well, the Neemrana Baoli. The view that unfolds as you get closer is had to process. There is a bigger than usual chasm where the ground is meant to be and this not so expected canyon is so deep and long that it is practically impossible to fathom.



neemrana stepwell

neemrana baoli - insane traveller

neemrana baoli -insane traveller

Neemrana Stepwell


If you are an avid adventure seeker, the resort has its very own way to keep that adventure streak in check. In collaboration with Flying Fox, since 2009, Neemrana has its very own zip lines! Not just one or two but a total of five varying from 100- 400m long and a total of 1250m! Just get yourself booked, Get a little demo, strap up the harness and off you go, zooming into the brightly lit sky.


If nothing else, just go for a relaxing early morning swim in the gorgeous pool, read a book in the picturesque balconies or take an evening stroll in the oh so beautiful gardens of the fort and just enjoy your time within its periphery.


In a nutshell, Neemrana Fort is THE perfect choice for a magical, adventurous and a royal stay with occasional doses of feasts, celebration, and peace. Book now and elope to get closer to yourself.


at neemrana heritage resort - insane traveller

neemrana fort - insane traveller

Sunset, Neemrana Fort Palace


night view of neemaran fort palace in rajasthan - insane traveller

Night View of Neemrana Fort Palace



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