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“Am I just a card on the table, or a fallback position?”, asked Tanglang la.

One of the highest motorable passes in the world.

“Imagine my pain, being not the best, always competing against Khardung la.”

Better roads, amazing sceneries, but still underappreciated?

“Why can’t I be enough?

Are my enchantments, my expressions just being counted as cheesy or hopelessly artistic?”

“Is my air too thin to acclimatize that people will just take a picture and pass by?

Am I just one of the line in your checklist to be ticked off and share on a page or just the means to go to other mountain range?

Still, I neither regret opening up nor you driving by, and just become happier about being part of your life.

But if you want to be part of my life, you will have to make effort, because I’m bound by nature not to move.”

“In the process of caring only how many points you score in front your friends by saying you have conquered me you also forget that your knock on my door was also answered by me.

Or are you not letting yourself to be attached because you know you’re soon gonna leave.”

“Anyways I will still let you conquer me, if it pleases you, brings you happiness, I will let you say I’m easy to drive by.

I won’t lie about my heights just to be the best, I may not be the highest of them all but I don’t pretend what I’m not.

I’m what I am,

I am Tanglang La. 5328 meters. “

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