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Number one thing I learned from few of my months in late 2015,

“To greet the summit in front of you, must you first climb the mountains within you…”

This video is from August 2015 last but still gives me adrenaline by looking at its insanity. I was waiting to edit it properly before uploading it anywhere but lately, I’ve been having lots of occurrences of Strikhedonia, the pleasure of being able to say “to hell with it”…

There was no one with me to celebrate but you get weak signals on the Stok Kangri summit, so I called my friend from there.

This video starts on the Summit of Stok Kangri…I don’t exactly remember what I mumbled bumbled with my almost frozen lips, but I think I said: “Guess where I am right now…” Then I informed him I’m alive(and something like “fatt gai… but made it”)…
Reminds me of the famous quote from Christopher Mccandless… “Happiness is only true when Shared…” The video features Indian Himalayas in the North region mostly in the Jammu and Kashmir state.

I wish I could tell you more about it but I have a motorcycle ride ahead of me today and a Flight to catch tomorrow. Check out the Hornbill festival event mentioned on our Events page. That’s where I and Oshank are heading. Mohit is already in the North East region of India. To find out where we are exactly right now, go to contact us page and click our dedicated animals.

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