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What happened to my home?

All I see is nearly monochrome. What’s this syndrome, If it’s not in my genome then why am I fishing nostalgia in my farm I roam?

Banishing the heart’s yearning still never not finding her memories mesmerizing and yet she – tantalizing.

Charred sentiments in a furnace boisterous, “Le Rouge Devient Noir”: jealous mentations speak – nearing me and my desolation – “Either the adventures or any heart’s desires I have never settled for a life lesser- to hell with the fucking consolation.”

Visions turn blurry yet beautiful is my reverie.
She complains I need to speak, but when will she realize I’m clearer unspoken? Did ever river coming from the mountain ask how far is the ocean?

I stay behind event horizon fearing what territory she might enter, but adamant she effortlessly moves closer, reducing our tension, multiplication in already reinforced gravitation, souls surrender, my lips get captured as hers kiss delighted with rapture.

So I let go of the umbrella and start dancing under the rain;
Quizasiously follows the storm, embellishing me with the love of hail.
Washing my heart leaving it mellow; deluging the soul drunk, dismissing all the sorrow.

I lean in to savour her freshly kissed skin odour – petrichor, serene like the fragrance after the downpour.
Soon I hear as in return she leaves her flavour below one of my ears, muttering, asking for more.

The deficit of any tricks and deceit, her soul having an aroma like a tree washed in the drizzle – alluring, and her body still covered in droplets of mist – beckoning. Forgetting all prejudice every part of her wants to resonate and mine helplessly reciprocate;
Carefree of the laws of physics, reason has no power in the non-verbal dialect of heart’s dynamics.

The beamish me asks the abductor, the observer of my implicit nature, what is her ransom? Will she be a sole pillar during my degrading Alzheimer’s?
Homeless me have nothing but to offer my extravagant fervour, hoping she’d break all the barriers and bring me closer.
Embracing me, Tighter.

The Cave of Enlightenment

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