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Staring at the blank pages of my notebook, only one thing comes into my mind, where can I go and what should be my next destination, so many places where I have been, still something is missing in my heart.¬† Even in mountains, I saw a queue to climb the peak just to take a picture so that they can put it on facebook. That made me wonder what if I could go back in time when travelling wasn’t an easy thing to do, how would it be to explore all the places less travelled of which information would be impossible to gather, time where there would be no internet connection, no google to check the destination, no mobile phones to distract, no camera to capture. in that time destination doesn’t matter, all I have is to choose is one direction.

All I will have is my compass to show me the way, and my heart to guide, I will make my own map of all the places which I am going to explore so that I can come back later whenever I feel like. There will be no one to talk to, no one to tell me where to go and what to do as all I want to do is follow my heart and speak to myself, watching the sun rise and sets with a cup of tea in my hand and gazing the stars at night. One notebook to write how I got mesmerised, to capture the moment I am going to use my god gifted eyes.

All I want is to travel the world which is the only thing in my list, to go to a place where no one has ever been or no one has ever seen, climb to a virgin peak and quench my thirst with crystal clear water of a river streaming down the mountain and dive in it. Want to walk on the grass swaying in the breeze and wants to go to a place where all I can hear is a bird singing a song and my heart beating along.

Dreamt for a while I came back to reality thought of how can I make it possible and make it a reality, I switched off my phone, picked up my backpack and headed to the north just to fill up my notebook and to find my destination.

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