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And there we were; me and her.

Her love is testing me,

getting weaker by every hour as we go further and higher,

and me making more effort every moment as my heart misfires.

She might be afraid of the heights we have to achieve, 17586ft.

Aware of the diminishing oxygen up there, she struggles to burn her fuel;

I whisper in her ear, remember our pledge and don’t lose faith in us.

We will climb this impossible climb, together.

She knows I’m getting too attached which makes her like me less.

Instead of being disappointed, I show her more love.

Rekindled by the tinders in my heart she starts breathing fire.

Dhook dhook dhook dhook dhook.

Crossing rivers, jumping the rocks, driving through the sandstorm,

finally we reached the top and filled with boundless emotions I kissed her on the tank top.

Chang la gave its way and all the differences melt away,

all the anger ricochet and one became our airway.

Deep Brown Eyes

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