Impact. The impact is what you are remembered for at the end of the day. How you made somebody feel, how somebody made you feel. Looking back on this year, it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride.
A lot can happen over a year and thankfully I am all the way up. I travelled from place to place and state to state, converting nights into days. Using different modes of transportation, searching for myself with a backpack on my shoulders and wanderlust on my mind. Thought I was alone but turns out I was wrong, I always bumped into someone who touched my heart and made an impact either through a wonderful gesture or by word of mouth. That, someone, was sometimes a truck driver who gave me a lift and did not let me pay for my breakfast or my journey. Sometimes it was a little South Korean girl who I met, travelled with and protected like a sister. Sometimes it was just a day spent with the family of a friend feeling like an insider or visiting a guy home in November whom I met in January. Sometimes its just as simple as having a 50-minute long conversation with a person who spoke in a different tongue, not understanding a word he says and pouring out my heart to him. Sometimes its just a touch of a hand under the sheets or as fortunate as finding two people similar to you and deciding on starting a venture of your own.

The hardest part was when I had to leave, all I could see is there eyes asking me to stay just for a while or for a day. But hey, I have another place to explore so if I may…

So the question is, If the whole world turns blind, how many people would you impress?
And thinking back on all the memories of the past year I’m happy I have a positive answer to the question.


List of places I visited this year :-

Bhutan>Darjeling>Sandakphu>Mumbai>Hapmi>Sankri>Kedarkantha (trek)>Kar ki Dun (trek)>Roopkund(trek)>Kasol>Kheerganga (trek)>Manali>Spiti>Leh>Nagaland>Manipur

Coastal bike trip :-

Ranikhet(first responder training)>Pushkar>Kolkata>Darjeling>Nagaland>Udaipur>Mt Abu>Ahmedabad >Bhuj>Rann of kutch>Diu


2016 was just warm up, 2017 is game-time fellas; starting with Chadar trek I have loads of adventures lined up…

Stay Tuned for more updates…

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