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Cool breeze just flew in as a wave hit the shore,

but there’s also a trace of her warm breath on my sleepless face.

She’s so peaceful and perfect even with her eyes closed and heartbeats almost in sync with mine.

But the beauty of the moment is making mine skip a beat or few.

Her hair like the curtain on an art is tempting me to reveal more, almost irresistible, not to touch.

I crave to hold her in my arms, caress her hair, but hesitant, thinking my feelings will be counted as Eros.

But alas… desires won the battle, my hand moves to row in the ocean of her hair,

lifting my heart, trying to stay afloat in the storm.

I know this moment won’t last forever nevertheless very hard to let it go.

Witnessing the heart and the mind fight between feelings and the reality,

the heart is beating so fast that my moments are becoming slower,

and precious but making equanimity almost impossible to manage.

Knowing this momentarily happiness would lead to sadness soon,

I still chose to forget the if and could and let my heart sail the mighty ocean;

The ocean of improbability and endless possibilities.

She is still asleep, and I am already at the halfway of the bridge.

She’s so close, yet far, far enough that I can’t close my arms.

But that’s the best I can do, I can only walk my distance and wait halfway.

I’m leaving the incomplete half at the mercy of the universe or for that particular moment at the mercy of her; since she was my universe.

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Duane Bennett at 12:53 am, May 30, 2018 - Reply

No wonder the brain is called as the factory of thoughts because it’s through this organ that one is able to express their imagination, ideas and feelings.

As always, your article hits me right between the eyes. It’s a combination of human feelings and the heart’s voice wrapped with and concealed in nature’s persona.

Harshit Patel at 8:31 pm, June 3, 2018 - Reply

Thank you.

Sree at 4:01 pm, June 1, 2018 - Reply

beautiful, deep!

Harshit Patel at 8:29 pm, June 3, 2018 - Reply

Thank you.

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